Teatrio Show is coming to Atlanta!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007




Great news! Atlanta will host the Beyond the Mirror Teatrio exhibition in Gallery 1600 from February 5th through the 24th. From here it will move to Savannah, where it will be on display in the Pei Ling Chan Gallery, March 7th through April 11th.

Our own Suzy Maier, Illustration MFA candidate, won the top prize. Heather Elder, Illustration MFA candidate and Juyeong Ok, Graphic Design MFA candidate were also in this very exclusive show. In fact, 13 of the 30 winners, which represent many different countries worldwide, were SCAD students, an amazing achievement.

For more information about Teatrio and to see an online gallery of the winning entries, go here: http://www.teatrio.it/

Illustration Renaissance

Monday, September 24, 2007

There is a great and truthful article that gives hope for the young illustrators out there at the Computer Arts website. Check it out!



new stuff

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This isn't exactly illustration, but I did this animation last night. It's a William Kentridge based assignment, so I took this opportunity to try animating. I'll try and post on here in-tandem w/ conceptart.org!

Atlanta Figure Drawing venues

Monday, September 17, 2007

There is no such thing as too much figure drawing, so here is a short list of places around Atlanta that you can go to sharpen your pencils and your skills.

These are PG-13:
Fridays 10a-2p, room 436C
Westwood College
Thursday Nights
1100 Spring Street
Atlanta, 30309

8-10 pm, the model fee is $5. Please bring exact change!
From 14th Street, go south on Spring Street one block. Turn right into the second entrance of the 1100 building, visitor parking. The attendant leaves at 10pm, so you don’t have to pay. Enter the building from either the north or south entrance; the class will be in room 111.
If you have any questions about the school, you may reach Katherine (Kat) at: 770-317-4253
Bring your own easel if you need one!
Class is from The class is sponsored by ASIFA Atlanta- http://www.asifa-atlanta.com
If you have any questions you may reach me at this e-mail address, or on my cell phone: (404) 641-3039.

To join the e-mail list, contact Joe Peery of Turner Animation Studios:

These are R-Rated (21 and over):

Apache Cafe
Art Mondays, 7pm ($3 at door)
Boozer Doodle
First Tuesday of every month
The Vortex Bar and Grill
878 Peachtree Street
  • Advanced Tickets:
    $8 General Admission • $13 Reserved Table
  • Tickets at the Door:
    $10 General Admission - $15 Reserved Table (cash only)
  • Advance tickets include entry plus a shot of Zeltzer Fantastico's “Creative Juice.”

Dr. Sketchy's: Drinking Drawing & Debauchery
The third Tuesday of the month
EastSide Lounge
485 Flat Shoals Rd
$15 table, $10 at the bar

Lesley Hamilton's Thesis Show

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lesley Hamilton's MFA Thesis Exhibition opened on Saturday, September 22nd. It is a delightful collection of works from her time with us at SCAD, and is on view at Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, a perfect venue for this rising Children's Book author and writer.

Lesley is standing in front of a few of her newest pieces for her Children's Book Thesis project entitled "If Peaches Grew on Peachtree Street". The artwork is a combination of watercolor backgrounds with painted papers and handmade paper collage.

Lesley with her mom and sister.

That's her hubby-to-be on the right.

Thanks to Chin-Cheng Hung!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This morning noted artist and SCAD-Atlanta professor Chin Cheng Hung spent two enlightening and humbling hours with my Pastel Techniques class.

The first hour or so he carefully covered the variety of pastels and papers he uses, and he did so with the student's pocketbooks in mind. He pointed out that there is an appreciable difference in materials between the various brands; some are very rich and buttery in texture, others are harder and less intense. And of course, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. The more expensive materials are generally worth the money because they are made with the very best raw materials. That being said, he showed several portrait pieces that he has done as class demos using the most basic set of NuPastels, an inexpensive "student" grade of pastels; they were incredible, and busted the myth that great work can't be created with "low-end" supplies.

Another point about materials is that papers can make a huge difference in the quality of the finished work. He suggested that, if you have to skimp on pastels, spending a few more dollars on great paper can result in a beautiful piece of art. Brands he showed were Canson Mi-Tientes paper and Sennelier sanded pastel paper (his favorite because of it's ability to grab on to the pastels and not let go). He also uses pre-primed canvas mounted to a stiff surface, and says that this is a beautiful surface for pastels as well.

The work that he brought in was absolutely gorgeous; relatively small-scale (for him) portraits on various kinds of paper, and with mostly inexpensive pastels. Mind you, these were in-class demos, done start-to-finish in one class period, usually less than two hours. His commissioned work and gallery pieces are typically quite large, up to six feet wide. He buys Canson paper in a 55" wide x 11' long roll, and mounts it on a rigid surface to produce his larger pieces. By the way, he typically buys his supplies online, and has found that the holiday season and the start of the school year are usually the best times to catch things on sale; great tip.

All in all, it was a terrific visit, and we all learned a lot and had a great time with Prof. Hung. If any of you SCAD-Atlanta Illustration students get the opportunity to study with him, TAKE IT! Your growth as an artist and technician will be exponential.

Again, many thanks to Professor Hung for taking time out of his (early) morning to blow us all away with his work and his insights. I owe you one.

Rick Lovell

Children's Book Illustration Competition Online

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

For those of you interested in children's books, you should know about the Teatrio Children's Book Illustration Competition. I believe the deadline is sometime towards March, so you still have plenty of time to get those stories cranking. Check out the details at:


And while you're there, take a look at last year's finalists. There are quite a few from SCAD.

To find them, and they don't make it easy, go to:
1) English
2) Then Exhibition on Line
3) Then to the Beyond The Mirror "Exhibition on Line" text link
4) There you'll the names and art work of the winners and finalists

There's also a competition in Bologna coming up sometime soon as well. Stay tuned for details...