For a variety of outlets—from book publishing to advertising and from product packaging to the Internet—illustrators use their skills to capture viewers’ interest, translating concepts into tangible images.

Within one of the largest and most highly regarded illustration programs in the United States, SCAD students experiment with a variety of traditional and contemporary media and techniques and are encouraged to develop their own personal styles.

The practical side of the illustration business is emphasized, including portfolio presentation, marketing and invoicing.

The SCAD illustration department was recently named one of the top five most innovative programs (and the only U.S. program named) by Applied Arts magazine, highlighting universities where educators are preparing students for the changing world of design.

For traditional illustration work, light tables and Artograph projectors are used. Electronic illustration courses are held in digital/studio classrooms using a wide range of the latest hardware and software, including more than 50 Wacom Cintiq displays.

In addition to a minor in illustration, SCAD offers a minor in scientific illustration, a specialized field for recording and communicating elements of science and nature.

The department frequently hosts publishers, prominent illustrators, art directors and artists’ representatives as guest speakers.

Students gain real-world experience by entering national and international competitions sponsored by the New York Society of Illustrators and the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, 3 x 3 magazine, CMYK Magazine, Applied Arts, the Society of Korean Illustrators, American Illustration and others.

You can find out more info about the SCAD ATLANTA illustration program here: SCAD ATLANTA ILLUSTRATION.