Mind's Eye Class Field Trip

Monday, October 22, 2007

On October 19th I had scheduled a field trip for 3 of my classes at Mind's Eye. An illustration, photography studio in Atlanta. Mind's Eye was extremely hospitable and giving of their time and insight. Donuts, milk, juice and water were served while we tried to keep our hands clean thumbing through their 3 very impressive portfolios. Leo Mustaki and Mike Bailey showed us around and met their extremely talented employees. Everyone agreed that it was a great time, very informative and helpful to see a place where full-time illustrators work and what is required of them. Much better than a Hub lecture, if you know what I mean!

I talked with them afterwards and told them that I would be sure to get them involved with career day or a portfolio review in the near future and on a regular basis. They say that based on the growth they hire a new illustrator about once a year.

These are two photos of most of the students that came.

I spent a little too much time dressing this one up. Thought it was appropriate for the wacked out shot.
Mind's Eye Wacked!

The more professional serious shot got blurred when taken. Oh Well.
Mind's Eye  Group Blurry Shot

Jay Montgomery

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The 24-Hour Art Challenge at SCAD-Atlanta could not happen without the generous support of great companies like:

Canson Fanboy,
Faber Castell,
Devil's Due Publishing,
Twomorrows Publishing,
Papa John's,

Thanks for all the support, guys! You ROCK!

24-Hour Art Challenge Update


The above link will take you to the SCAD-Atlanta web page devoted to the 2007 24-Hour Art Challenge.

24-Hour Sketchbook Challenge

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is an event sponsored by the Concept Atlanta group; they maintain a running forum on ConceptArt.org. Everyone is invited to participate, but I have no specific info about this event. For more info, you can go to here.

"There are only two kinds of people in the world: Those that can finish a sketchbook
in 24 hours, and those that can't. "

Ultimate Sketchbook Challenge 2.0

One Artist. One Sketchbook. One Day.

Once a year, Concept Art - Atlanta (CATL) stages an event designed to stress and test
the artistic chops of professionals and aspiring artists alike. In a single, 24-hour
period, participants will crash their way through thinned imaginations and sleep
deprivation to complete an entire sketchbook. That's enough ideas and rough starts
to fuel your art for a year's worth of projects.

What began as a week-long event to test personal artistic commitments has grown into
a challenge of hurculean proportions. Don't think it's possible? It is. CATL boasts several champions from last year's event. Now, it's your time to claim victory over the stark emptiness of the blank page.

What: USBC 2.0

When: October 13, 2007

Time: 12 Noon. until.

Where: All over The Atlanta Sprawl (Kicking off with a breakfast/lunch rendezvous, location TBA)

Who: Absolutely anyone. Especially you.


1. Sketchbook must have a minimum of 100 pages. If you have 112 pages, plan to
make time for the extra 12. If you have 150+, you're one tough hombre.

2. Sketchbook may not have any previous art within. All pages must be unsullied by
your little inky Keebler Elf hands.

3. Sketchbook must have the total number of pages labeled on the inside cover, and pages numbered as they are completed. We want to know how many pages you burned through.

4. We're not the boss of you. You can leave and return as you see fit.

5. No cheating. We don't have to tell you what this is. You know when you're cheating.
Shame on you, Mr. Martin Tracer...And your girlfriend, Dr. Elizabeth Stick-Figures...

Big bragging rights. The simple fact is not everyone is going to get through this. You will. And you'll be able to tell everyone how your sketchbook buckled under the sheer weight of your artistic prowess.

For more information, discussion about the event, and tips to help you turn your sketchbook into a sniveling little gob that worships you from a lowly place near your feet, check out the Concept Art - Atlanta thread on ConceptArt.org:


*copy graciously provided by himself, 5T319INE®. thanks!

More information forthcoming as discussion develops and drawing spots are chosen . Hope to have another hugely successful USBC! drop by the thread or shoot questions my way.

Joel Ball

c: 706.766.9850
h: 404.881.1733

296 Deering Rd. #3305
Atlanta, GA 30309

my online sketchbook:

Illustrator jobs link page

Monday, October 8, 2007

Illustration majors,

I've been working on a list of links mainly related to illustration using my del.ico.us account which is a social bookmarking site. I just updated it to include some links to info about careers in illustration. This a small sampling of links to a variety of full-time, part-time, freelance and internship opportunities for recent grads-to seasoned professionals in the field illustration. Some require at 2 years or more experience, but it can't hurt to submit you resume and portfolio when the time is right. If you are still figuring out what you want to do after you graduate these links might give some insight and some goals to strive for. I am constantly adding new links to this page. Check it out!



Thanks to our sponsors!

This will be the third time that we've run a 24 hour event on campus, and we couldn't do it without the support of our sponsors...and we certainly hope this list continues to grow:
IDW Publishing
Two Morrows Publishing
Oni Press
Papa Johns
Tim Hopper/Holbein/Maxon
Binders Art Supplies and Frames
Mike Grecian/Faber Castell

24-Hour Art Challenge

Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's Throw-Down Time!

Starting Friday October 19th at 10am to Saturday October 20th 10am

SCAD Atlanta “Training Rooms” 256 – 259 and the Hub

The heart of the challenge is for the participants to face what is normally a multi-person, or multi-month task and effectively execute the same task in a 24 hour period with no advanced planning.

Originally executed in conjunction with the international 24 Hour Comic Day, SCAD Atlanta students were challenged to produce a 24 page print ready comic book in a 24 hour period.

What we are doing this year is creating a more inter-disciplinary atmosphere for the challenge. We plan to do this in a number of ways:
-Each major will create it’s own challenge, students will then be free to attempt a challenge within their discipline or try one from another area…or collaborate with other students.

Illustration is about collaboration between creative folks, whether they be art directors, designers, writers or editors. With that in mind, your challenge will be to choose one of the following:

1. Collaborate with a Sequential Art Major to create a cover for their comic.
2. Work with an Animation Major to develop concept art for an animation challenge.
3. Team up with a Creative Writing Major to illustrate one of their stories.

All Illustration Majors are STRONGLY encouraged to participate in this event. There will be food and cool stuff, including some awesome supplies. There will be door prizes as well as prizes for reaching certain benchmarks throughout the event. Some of the prizes will be BIG.

There will be several computer stations set up for digital work, and of course there will be drafting tables for traditional work. Be prepared to bring your own supplies and equipment in case we have more participants than expected.

We will be sending out emails about updates as we get closer to the event. So mark your calendars for the 19th and 20th, and you might want to clear the afternoon of the 20th for catching up on your sleep!