Finally Finished: Inquisition

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I do a column for Airbrush Action Magazine, which is odd since I really don't do much airbrush anymore. But it's cool because nowadays, most airbrush folks do cars, motorcycles, tee-shirts, etc. I'm happy to promote airbrush as a viable tool for traditional illustration, so I do this column that deals with texture techniques.
This month, I'm doing something about using different "holy" things to airbrush through. I'm using lace, doilies and other things as a "matrix" to produce cool effects. Here is the finished illustration:

Here's the work from beginning to end.
(You might have to scroll down to see the written step-by-step text.)


Jay said...

Very cool Rick Can't wait to see the final.

chief said...

YEA! The first official comment. We're rollin' now!!

Thanks, Jay. I'll put up more as it moves along.