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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I just created a web page of a select group of 52 illustration assignments from my past classes since Winter quarter of this year. So if you have had me in a class like Materials and Techniques I and II, Book Illustration or Editorial Illustration chances are your work is included. This showcase is some of the incredible talent and hard work from our illustration students. You get to see and remember past work, current work of this Summer quarter and see what might have not made the display cases in the halls. Make sure you have a the Flash Player installed on your browser. Most of you probably already have it but just in case.

Click on the small thumbnails or navigation on the bottom right. Mouse over each large image to see credits and medium of the image. This was created completely with Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS2 "Web Photo Gallery" using the "File Info" data. Enjoy and post a comment here about what you think of the collection or if you have any questions regarding any of the work.


Bookmark it! I'll be updating this once or twice a quarter.



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Rick Lovell said...

Great job, Jay. We're on the same page...I'm compiling student work for a web gallery too.