Prof. Hung Strikes Again!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Many thanks to Chin-Ching Hung for humbling us all once again with another visit to the Illustration Department last week.

Chin-Ching Shadows
Prof. Hung blew everyone away yet again with his knowledge, skill, and sense of humor as he walked the ILLU311: The Portrait in Illustration class through his technique for pastel portraiture.
After adjusting the lighting for maximum definition of form, and posing the model for the best possible relationship of light, shadow, and personality, he began with a quick rough-in of shadow shapes using a deep maroon shade of NuPastels. By the way, Prof. Hung used six, count 'em, 6, different NuPastel sticks to complete this demo piece on sanded pastel board.

Chin-Ching 1
The classroom was mesmerized by Chin-Ching's demo. Keep in mind that the actual drawing time was about one hour and 15 minutes from start to finish.

Chin-Ching Color
Not only did Chin-Ching impress us with his artistic skills, he kept us entertained with his light-hearted delivery and sincere enthusiasm for his work.
After establishing the shadows, Chin-Ching used Burnt Sienna to add the halftone shades.
He roughed in a yellow ocher background tone to establish a warm, light color behind the model's head and to provide a lighter value with which to judge the values in the model's face.
Cream colors provided the lighter notes, and then a deep blue hue was brought in to cool the shadows.
This is a traditional painting approach whereby the darks go down first, and then the halftones, lights and highlights are added in sequence.

This is the finished demo: "Bethany"
NuPastels on Unison brand sanded paper
Approx. 11X14"
To see a web gallery of Prof. Hung's demo, click here.

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