Jay's selected Winter 08 classwork gallery

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I just finished organizing and creating a new website gallery for the selected student work in my Winter 08 classes: Materials & Techniques I, Book Illustration, and Self Promotion. These images all have descriptions and mediums used. Congrats to another great quarter students!

Also, if you have not already, click over to the newly developed portfolio websites of four illustration major seniors. They all worked very hard on their websites and it's time to start promoting them. With any good site design there needs to be several people to test the site. There is always room for improvement on any site, so check out how it looks on your browser and if there is any problems with navigation or technical issues be sure to let them know.

Erik Mehlen - www.erikillustration.com
Walter Hartley - www.walterhartley.net
Andrew Phillips - www.idruthat.com
Colin Geller - www.colingeller.com


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