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Friday, October 9, 2009

Thanks to everyone who stuck it out for 24 hours last weekend to participate in our Illustration Challenges! It was great fun and you guys did some remarkable work in a very short time.

The Illustration department offered three different challenges:
1. INtown Paper: "Best of the Holiday '09" cover artwork.
2. Strathmore: "Going Green", which required an image using dry media on Strathmore paper that best represents your idea of what "green" means.
3. VOICE Today: Character Design challenge.

Adobe was again more than generous in donating copies of their industry leading graphics software suite, CS4, as prizes for our challenge winners. These packages retail for $1800 per copy, so this is not an insignificant thing here folks. In fact, it's huge. So we send our deepest appreciation to Terry Hemphill and the folks at Adobe for making this event a very special one.

Please know that every entry was carefully considered, and that many were deserving of prizes. The criteria for judging were both subjective and objective; the work had to be solid artistically and well executed, but the deciding factor for each was the application for which it was intended.
Some images were absolutely gorgeous, but might not have been a perfect fit for the intended usage, so we made a conscious effort to look at the work through the client's eyes, which is often a difficult aspect of judging illustration; is it about the art or is it about the marketplace? Truth is, it's almost always about both.

And, with that being said, the winners are... (drumrolllllllllll)

For INtown Paper Holiday cover; Renee Rivas!

For Strathmore "Going Green": Julia Berman!

For VOICE Today Character Design: Shanique Crenshaw!

Again, many thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to the winners!
(All of the entries will be posted soon.)

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