Getting Published Class

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting published for the first time is a daunting task for some illustration students. Most clients want to work with artists that have already been published so how do you get published in the first place? It usually happens when someone really believes in your work and they take a chance having your art representing their product or service. One way to help this process is the Getting Published class offered at SCAD for undergrad Illustration Seniors. This past Fall I contacted the Marketing Director, Linnea Frye, of Dad’s Garage here in Atlanta, GA. “It’s a thriving mid-size theatre producing innovative, scripted and improvised works that are recognized locally, nationally and internationally for being undeniably awesome.” They had a funny play, “PopTart”, coming up in February 2011 they needed art for. Linnea was kind enough to come to class for an initial meeting to discuss the project with the students. Then the students got busy creating the best poster they could using the illustration process based on the requirements. Then it was then Linnea’s job to pick the best poster. All the students did a great job coming up with a funny and provocative illustration to represent the humorous tone of PopTart. It was not until after the class ended that the decision was finally made the Taylor Battle’s piece was the best fit, but I was not quite there yet. Linnea had about 4 more sets of revisions for Taylor. Here’s the original submission by Taylor and the final poster after all the revisions. Because of all the revision’s Linnea was kind enough to pay Taylor the normal rate they would pay an illustrator to create the poster. In the end, it was a great experience to realize that every commission is a compromise and the importance of pleasing the one that’s paying you.

PopTart poster revisions
Dad’s Garage was generous to give the class free tickets to the show! This past Friday, March 4th, Taylor and another student from the class, Kelsey Thor and I experienced a very funny play about pop culture, celebrity worship and the internet.

PopTart poster at Dad's Garage

It was really exciting for Taylor and I to see her hard work in an over sized poster for all to see. I highly recommend you checking it out before it before the last show on March 19th. We hope to continue to work with Dad’s Garage and other theater company’s in town to create many other win-win scenarios.

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