Semin Chun's MFA Thesis Show

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

After about eight wonderful years of knowing and working with Semin Chun, she has completed her MFA work, mounted her Thesis show, and is ready to take on the world.

I have had the profound privilege of teaching Ms. Chun all along the way, from her freshman year in Foundation Drawing at Atlanta College of Art, all the way through her BFA in Illustration at ACA, and her MA in Illustration Design at SCAD-Atlanta, and finally to her MFA in Illustration at SCAD-Atlanta. She had a few bumps in the road along the way, from visa issues to her mom fighting and finally beating breast cancer, and worrying about which degree would be best for her, but in the end, she reached her goal and did it with style, grace, and humor. We are all so proud of you, Semin, and wish you only the very best!
Semin's thesis takes the form of a book entitled "The Great Animal Race; The Legend of the Eastern Zodiac", and is a retelling of how the animals came to represent the 12 Zodiac birth years.
This is the first page of the story.
The images were created using scans of various colors and textures of mulberry paper and "cutting" the paper in Photoshop as a digital collage.
Semin has done many pieces using traditional cut-paper collage, but this digital version allows for more flexibility in color and design, and in the end, very closely replicates the traditional paper look and feel.
The show was at StudioPlex, but not in the usual space. Instead, Semin had her show in the Sales Office, which worked out perfectly for her one-person show. The space has seating which was great for casually thumbing through her beautiful book.


SCAD Vice President P.J. Johnson is such a tremendous supporter of our students and comes to almost all the shows. That's Semin's mom on the right, all the way from South Korea!

Prof. M. J. Kim taking a look at Semin's book.

Prof. Mike Lowery trying out some new material. That's MFA candidate Obekr Orhan, Prof. Goñi Montes, and recent MFA grad Solongo Monkhooroi politely chuckling for Mike.

Congratulations, Semin! We are so proud of you and will truly miss you.

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