Cirque du Clue; Aaron Jackson's Thesis Show

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aaron Jackson held his MFA in Illustration Thesis Exhibition at CherryLion Studios; the opening was July 29th. The invitation foretold the theme of the show: "A freaky take on the classic board game reminding you to THINK BEFORE YOU JUDGE".
The thrust of Aaron's thesis was to present the idea of tolerance in a familiar, accessible and fun way, so he rethought the classic board game Clue, and changed the setting to a circus side show, populated with all manner of fringe characters. The game board became the circus grounds and the cards represent all the characters, weapons and props that might be associated with the circus.
All of the artwork was executed in acrylics, then refined in Photoshop. Each original painting was hung in the show, as were the finished, printed game components.
Several old friends and alumni as well as current student were on hand.
Alan Hawley and Andrea Sipl were there along with one of Andrea's co-workers at Carter's, and Katrin Wiehle came in all the way from Germany just to see Aaron's show! (Not really, but it was great to see her!)


Nazanin Kani and Semin Chun catching up (apparently Obekr and Sandee had some catching up to do as well)
Congratulations, Aaron. It was a great show!

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