Thomas Burns in PLANSPONSOR

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thomas gets a Twofer this month... first as the Student Spotlight lightee, and now as the student whose work was published in Plansponsor Magazine.

As some of you recall, last year's ILLU Arts Forum featured John Hendrix, Chris Buzelli and SooJin Buzelli. SooJin is the Creative Director at Asset International, which publishes PLANSPONSOR, PLANADVISOR, and PLANSPONSOR EUROPE. Before SooJin took the creative helm at AI, the magazines were as dry as week old toast, driven by clipart and stock photography like all other financial publications. But SooJin had a vision of a publication with imagery driven by creative thinking and beautiful illustration, and has transformed the magazines into showcases of the best in contemporary illustration. It's something of a coup to have one's work featured in the magazines now. While SooJin was here on her visit to SCAD, she hinted that she is always looking for bright new talent, and that we were welcome to submit work for consideration in future issues.

Last summer, Prof. Rick Lovell's Illustration for Publication and Getting Published classes created illustrations to fit three different areas of the magazines that introduce articles each month with a consistent, running theme. These three areas address the ideas of "Tools of the Trade", "Bells and Whistles" and "Hot off the Presses". So the class created works that are loose interpretations of these three ideas.

Illustration MFA candidate Thomas Burns' piece for "Bells and Whistles" is appearing in the January 2012 issue. Looks awesome... congrats, Thomas!

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