Threadless "Disney Villains" Challenge

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Getting Published and Illustration for Publication classes submitted designs for the Threadless Disney Villains Challenge. Here is your chance to go online and vote for your fellow SCAD students. Each entry has a link associated with it which will take you directly to that page so you can submit your vote ( all 5's please! ), and leave a comment as well.

Here are the entries with direct links under each.  There are a couple of submissions that have not yet appeared on the Threadless website, so check back in the next few days to see if there are any new entries to vote on.
Happy Voting!
Erin Macmanness: Maleficent

Erin Macmanness: The Seeing Eye
Caleb Morris: Hook it Up

Dave Song: Stop the FlyingMenace

Diego Penuela: Protervia

Giselle Hasel: Territorial

Kit Race: A Juicy Apple

Richard Sullivan: Art Nouveau Maleficent

Armineh Moghadasi: Maleficent Smile

Nuri Keli: Capt. Hook is Hooked


Michael Scearce said...

The last one is impossible to print within a reasonable cost. Very creative though...I was the creative director at a fashion imprint company for six years.

Rick said...

We knew that going in, so an alternate design with only the front design was also submitted. The designer just wanted to have fun and push the concept as far as possible without concern for practicality.