Nuri Keli: Student Spotlight

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The SCAD Atlanta faculty is proud to shine the Student Spotlight on Nuri Keli!


1. Where are you from?
I was born in a small town called Kadirli in Adana, Turkey.


2. Where have you been to school?
I received my Diploma at Anateolian Fine Arts high school, then, I completed my bachelor
in Graphic Design at Yeditepe University, IstanbulTurkey.


3. What attracted you to Illustration?
Since I was 7, I was always interested in drawing, characters, heroes and compositions. I
initially expressed my creativity through traditional mediums. After being exposed to the
computer and digital painting platforms, I started to combine traditional medium with digital
medium. Now, most of my illustrations and visual development are done in digital


4. Who are your biggest influences?
I have a lot of favorite artists but the ones that inspire me the most are: Pascal Campion,
Dice Tsutsumi and James Gurney.

Nuri Keli: T-O-T

5. If you weren’t studying illustration at SCAD, what would you likely be doing?
SCAD was my milestone, it seems unimaginable to be at SCAD, but if I did not come to
SCAD, I would most likely work for local companies as a caricaturist, graphic designer or
an illustrator.

Nuri Keli-Hot off the Presses

6. What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I like watching movies, listening to music, enjoying a cup of Turkish tea
and going out for walks.

Nuri Keli- Woody Allen

7. What is something that most people don’t know about you?
Most people do not know that I am allergic to cats! Besides that, I think that people seldom
realized that I can get angry or frustrated since I am generally so positive and energetic.

Nuri Keli- Le Petit Prince

8. What would your dream job/client be and why?
Just like many illustrators, my dream job and client is Pixar Animation Studios. I always wanted
to work for Pixar Animation Studios, which is the primary goal in my career. I feel very
connected to how they create concepts and their characters and I find them similar to my
artistic style.


9. What’s your typical process for creating your artwork (technique, media, etc)?
Typically, I do graphite sketches and scan them in to the computer and paint over it with
Photoshop. But mostly, I like experimenting with new mediums and let happy accidents become a part of my work. When I have a very extended deadline, I like to experiment with traditional
mediums first, then bring it into a digital platform to add the final touches.
Nuri Keli colorscript1_o
10. Sum up your personal philosophy in 25 words or less.
I have very straight work principles, if I have a commission, I need to finish it before I have
my breakfast or lunch. I feel like I need to deserve it, then I can reward myself. I am flexible
with different styles as long as the result makes me happy. I would like to be happy and
make people happy. I also believe helping and sharing is very important.

Thanks, Nuri! You're an inspiration to us all!

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