24-Hour Sketchbook Challenge

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is an event sponsored by the Concept Atlanta group; they maintain a running forum on ConceptArt.org. Everyone is invited to participate, but I have no specific info about this event. For more info, you can go to here.

"There are only two kinds of people in the world: Those that can finish a sketchbook
in 24 hours, and those that can't. "

Ultimate Sketchbook Challenge 2.0

One Artist. One Sketchbook. One Day.

Once a year, Concept Art - Atlanta (CATL) stages an event designed to stress and test
the artistic chops of professionals and aspiring artists alike. In a single, 24-hour
period, participants will crash their way through thinned imaginations and sleep
deprivation to complete an entire sketchbook. That's enough ideas and rough starts
to fuel your art for a year's worth of projects.

What began as a week-long event to test personal artistic commitments has grown into
a challenge of hurculean proportions. Don't think it's possible? It is. CATL boasts several champions from last year's event. Now, it's your time to claim victory over the stark emptiness of the blank page.

What: USBC 2.0

When: October 13, 2007

Time: 12 Noon. until.

Where: All over The Atlanta Sprawl (Kicking off with a breakfast/lunch rendezvous, location TBA)

Who: Absolutely anyone. Especially you.


1. Sketchbook must have a minimum of 100 pages. If you have 112 pages, plan to
make time for the extra 12. If you have 150+, you're one tough hombre.

2. Sketchbook may not have any previous art within. All pages must be unsullied by
your little inky Keebler Elf hands.

3. Sketchbook must have the total number of pages labeled on the inside cover, and pages numbered as they are completed. We want to know how many pages you burned through.

4. We're not the boss of you. You can leave and return as you see fit.

5. No cheating. We don't have to tell you what this is. You know when you're cheating.
Shame on you, Mr. Martin Tracer...And your girlfriend, Dr. Elizabeth Stick-Figures...

Big bragging rights. The simple fact is not everyone is going to get through this. You will. And you'll be able to tell everyone how your sketchbook buckled under the sheer weight of your artistic prowess.

For more information, discussion about the event, and tips to help you turn your sketchbook into a sniveling little gob that worships you from a lowly place near your feet, check out the Concept Art - Atlanta thread on ConceptArt.org:


*copy graciously provided by himself, 5T319INE®. thanks!

More information forthcoming as discussion develops and drawing spots are chosen . Hope to have another hugely successful USBC! drop by the thread or shoot questions my way.

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