24-Hour Art Challenge

Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's Throw-Down Time!

Starting Friday October 19th at 10am to Saturday October 20th 10am

SCAD Atlanta “Training Rooms” 256 – 259 and the Hub

The heart of the challenge is for the participants to face what is normally a multi-person, or multi-month task and effectively execute the same task in a 24 hour period with no advanced planning.

Originally executed in conjunction with the international 24 Hour Comic Day, SCAD Atlanta students were challenged to produce a 24 page print ready comic book in a 24 hour period.

What we are doing this year is creating a more inter-disciplinary atmosphere for the challenge. We plan to do this in a number of ways:
-Each major will create it’s own challenge, students will then be free to attempt a challenge within their discipline or try one from another area…or collaborate with other students.

Illustration is about collaboration between creative folks, whether they be art directors, designers, writers or editors. With that in mind, your challenge will be to choose one of the following:

1. Collaborate with a Sequential Art Major to create a cover for their comic.
2. Work with an Animation Major to develop concept art for an animation challenge.
3. Team up with a Creative Writing Major to illustrate one of their stories.

All Illustration Majors are STRONGLY encouraged to participate in this event. There will be food and cool stuff, including some awesome supplies. There will be door prizes as well as prizes for reaching certain benchmarks throughout the event. Some of the prizes will be BIG.

There will be several computer stations set up for digital work, and of course there will be drafting tables for traditional work. Be prepared to bring your own supplies and equipment in case we have more participants than expected.

We will be sending out emails about updates as we get closer to the event. So mark your calendars for the 19th and 20th, and you might want to clear the afternoon of the 20th for catching up on your sleep!

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