Ivy Hall Field Trip

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Watercolor for Illustration class went to Ivy Hall on Friday to see the restoration that is underway at this historic home at the corner of Ponce de Leon and Piedmont. It has been known at the Peters Home, and as "The Mansion" Restaurant. But, under the guidance of Bob Dickensheets of SCAD's Historic Preservation Department, it is destined for a more artistic incarnation as the home of SCAD's Creative Writing and Cultural Arts Center. More photos can be viewed here.
Bob Gave us the 25¢ tour when we arrived, then gave us free reign to photograph, sketch and paint the amazing architectural details in the place. There are more than 100 years of history, in many layers of paint and plaster, that are slowly being revealed and lovingly restored. There are several mini-murals above the doors that flank the first floor entry, and a few SCAD-Atlanta Illustration Grads will be helping to restore these long-hidden marvels that explain the "Ivy Hall" moniker (more about this in an upcoming post).
Many thanks to Bob Dickensheets and the very patient and accommodating craftsmen and women who put up with us and welcomed us to explore Ivy Hall.
Here are a few more shots of our visit.
The Grand Opening for Ivy Hall is October 3rd (of this year), and yes, Bob insists that the entire restoration will be finished by then, including landscaping. Everyone in the class is working on paintings depicting the restoration, and it is hoped that a few of their pieces will be on display at the opening. All SCAD students and faculty are welcomed at the Grand Opening, and I encourage everyone to be there to see this remarkable home that is being so tenderly restored by Bob and his crew.

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