04 Voices Thesis Show Opening

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SCAD-Atlanta's finest had their Thesis Show opening tonight at StudioPlex on Auburn Avenue.
It's a wonderful show and a testament to the talented young artists that are about to bit us farewell...
The Gang of 04:
Brenda Lyons, Noodee Aisiri, Goñi Montes and Heather Elder.

Heather and Julie Mueller-Brown discussing Heather's body of work titled "Stories From the Woods".

Katrin and Duygu admiring Goni Montes' series called "Inheritance".

Brenda Lyons' watercolor paintings deal with "Birds of Prey in History and Culture". Her display included signed, limited edition giclee prints as well as beautiful finished compositions and smaller watercolor studies.

Noodee Aisiri's three "Toy Theatres" are about as charming and fun as you can get. They feature a village scene, a woodland scene and an underwater scene. All with articulated dolls that dance and swim. Her display also included beautiful little paintings that were the studies for her characters, as well as an animated film of her theaters come to life.

Puppet Theatre from Parin Sarasin on Vimeo.
Noodee has also posted lots of photos of her process and shots of the show on her Facebook page.(you have to be Facebook friends with her to see them)

noodee_village.jpg noodee_woods.jpg

Mike Lowery and Alan Hawley

Bill and Lee Mayer chatting with their old bud Goni.

Rodrigue, admiring Brenda's raptors.

Noodee, workin' it.

Great job everyone. You did us all VERY proud tonight. We will miss you , but know that each of you will make a very big, beautiful mark on the world after you've graduated.

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Jay said...

Congrats to all! You are ALL ready for the big time. Julie and I were looking all over Facebook for that animation of Noodee's. Really, really stepping it up and standing out! Way cool!