Illustrator Rep - Anna Goodson Monday, 11am, room 347

Friday, April 24, 2009

The illustration department is going live via Skype video up to Quebec, Canada!

My Self promotion class will have a video talk on the big screen with Art Rep Anna Goodson of Anna Goodson Management (AGM). She is the owner of an innovative, boutique-style agency serving the global marketing needs of the visual arts community. Representing around 34 Illustrators from around the world - as far away as Australia and Argentina. Founded in 1996, AGM is driven by passion and a commitment to providing exceptional personal service to artists and clients. Today, AGM's artists work with some of the leading advertising agencies, design firms, magazines, publishers and newspapers in the world. Anna will give a talk about the business side of the illustration industry and what it takes to be a successful illustrator. Q & A session to follow.

All are welcome to attend! I'm having my student's go through her website and blog and read through all her illustration topics. (Great info in and of itself.) She would be more than happy to elaborate on those and any other topics, but not simply repeat what's already been said on the blog. Come with prepared intelligent questions people! I'm sure you can come up with something else to comment or ask her about. Here is AGM's latest promo book in digital form showcasing her illustrators.

Who: Anna Goodson
What: Video lecture/presentation and Q&A session
When: Monday, April 27th from 11am sharp -11:45am
SCAD ATL Cintique lab 347.



Rick Lovell said...

Great presentation, and using Skype to bring in video conferences from knowledgeable industry leaders is a very effective and efficient way to broaden the scope of what we can offer to our students. Thanks, Jay, well done!

Jay said...

Thanks for the great turn out!

Check out some photos of the presentation.

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