VOICE Today Generate Challenge!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Want to be a character designer? Want to see your characters made into dolls and appear in books? All for a great cause?
Then join the VOICE Today Character Design Challenge at this year's Generate!

VOICE Today is a non-profit group which works toward the prevention of child sexual abuse and recovery for victims. They will be producing children’s books, dolls, etc., so they need character designs for those products.
The winner will receive:
- The student(s) will participate in the manufacturing process, interfacing with the China factory and Krazy Houze. They will have sign off on the final project specs (control sample) before moving into production.
- Their name(s) will be on the label as the designers, as well their name(s) will appear in / on all products listing them as the character design of Grant and Gracie.
- 12 of each doll will be made and given to the student(s).

The work to be accomplished for each of the two(2) main characters:
4 pose turn-around (front, side, ¾ front, ¾ back)
4 head turns (front, side, ¾ front, ¾ back)
Expression sheets – 8-10 expressions
5 poses
1 supporting character (of your choice)
- 4 pose turn-around (front, side, ¾ front, ¾ back)
All inked and colored! Work may be submitted as a pdf.

For more information about VOICE Today, go here.

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