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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The students in the ILLU764: Illustration for Publication class have been working with Will Alford and Ken Foskett at the Atlanta Journal Constitution on several articles this summer.

The first was a July 13th article written by Wyclef Jean, musician and Haiti native, about the need for further aid after the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010. The children have suffered the most, so Obekr Orhan used the raised hand of a young boy emerging from the rubble as his image of the despair in Haiti.

For the August 3rd article by Terry Garlock about the failures in the communication system between the soldiers and their commanders in Afghanistan, Nazanin Kani chose to depict a soldier's weapon with a trigger lock that has a phone dial as the combination to unlock it.

And for the August 17th article by Reese Halter on the ominous decline of the honeybee population, Semin Chun showed the Earth as a globe made of puzzle pieces, with plants that depend on bees for their survival depicted on each piece. The issue is brought home with the removal of the puzzle piece with the all-important bee on it.
This is the way it appeared in the paper, with the bee in the upper left and upright.
The intended composition showed the bee upside-down, as if dead, in the lower-right corner. Either way, the image just works.
Congrats to all the students whose work was chosen to appear in the paper, and to all the students in the class who worked on these projects. And a very heartfelt thank you to Will Alford and Ken Foskett at the AJC for embracing the idea of having our students work on these projects, and then actually using them. It was a wonderful collaboration that I hope will continue in the future.


Goni said...

congrats guys. great work.

Semin said...

Thank you Rick to post these on blog~
I am very exciting to see on actual newspaper~:)

Jay Montgomery said...

What I wonderful opportunity for the students! Great job!