Pick-Up For W&L Books

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out for Wizards and Lizards! 

The response to this project was just astounding - over 130 entries! Jurying all of the works was definitely a difficult task; here is the official list of contributors:

Jade Achoy, Kevin Bongang, Thomas Burns, April Dukes, Angela Ethridge, Taylor Francis, Colin Geller, Kwang II Han, Annick Huber, Dosung Hwang, Nazanin Kani, Rick Lovell, Mike Lowery, Heather Lund, Kiara McGruder, Erin McManness, Ruth Metharg, Mawhyah Milton, Armineh Moghadasi, Dylan Moore, Mallory Nall, Mike Netland, Jonquel Norwood, Diego Penuela, Kristen Petty, Kit Race, Hilary Smith, David Song, Josh Thompson, Kelsey Thor, Amanda Todd, Sean Twiddy, Jennifer Volkman, Katrin Wiehle, Ai Zhang

*** If you are a contributor, you may stop by to get your copy of the book from Rick or Mike starting Wednesday afternoon, May 30th, and until Thursday afternoon, May 31st. Books will NOT be available after Thursday!

The book was in production over the weekend and today:
Screenprinted covers in blue and black, 
1400 pages of Wizards and Lizards, 
lots of cutting, sorting, and binding,
and finally stacks of amazing books and feelings of epic teamwork and accomplishment
(to the tune of Mike's Wizard and Lizard song)!

Thank you guys so much again for coming out to support the project!!!!

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