WIZARDS AND LIZARDS: a call for entries

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Wizards and Lizards" is a collaborative project put together by the SCAD Illustration Department, in the form of an epic activity book!
This book will feature original illustrative activities that are themed around all forms of magic/sorcery/wizardry and dinosaurs/reptiles/dragons/scaley creatures; coming together in a legendary explosion of fun and adventure for grown-ups. Yes, that's right - this book can be enjoyed by all ages!

We are looking for illustrated activities in YOUR style - cartoony, collage, painterly, realistic, etc.

Ideas for activities might include (but are not limited to):
- Mazes
- Finish the Drawing
- Fill in the Scene
- Tic Tac Toe
- Hangman
- Crossword Puzzles
- Find the Difference Drawings
- or anything awesome that you can think of!

(Reach wayyyy back to all those days of grabbing the crayons at restaurants with mom and dad and happily scribbling away at those fun menus!)

Feel free to submit as many images as you like, but keep in mind these things:
- Must be grayscale
- We are estimating the book size to be approximately 5x8"
- Must fit within the theme
- And this will be "juried" by our professors - high quality stuff, please!

We will have more solid details to come, as such submission deadline, and how to format and submit your files. But for now, start brainstorming! This book will be printed and published through SCAD, and will hopefully be for sale in some local galleries.

And did we mention anyone who has an illustration in the book will receive one free copy? Great portfolio material (nudge, nudge)!

(thanks to Grad Erin Mcmanness for writing this up for us and designing the super awesome promo, and to the Directed Projects class for the drawings of WIZARD LIZARDS).

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