Creative Loafing Beer Issue

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The ILLU764:Illustration for Publication class teamed up with Markus Schneider and the gang at Creative Loafing to do the cover package for their annual Beer Issue! The theme for this year deals with the opposition between the folks who want fewer restrictions on brewing, selling and importing beer in Georgia and the current administration who wants to keep everything bottled up, so to speak. The images all have a Revolutionary theme, and play on the idea of the patriots fighting for their rights against the evil oppressors across the pond.
Look for the Creative Loafing Beer Issue with our grad's artwork outside and in on June 11th, and take in the Atlanta BeerFest in Centennial Olympic Park on Saturday, June 14th. Revolt responsibly, of course!
Cover illustration: Uncle Sam by Rod Ben

Lady Liberty by Rod Ben

Drummers by Rod Ben

Paul Revere by Brenda Lyons

Ben Franklin by Brenda Lyons

Eagle by Brenda Lyons

Patriot by Chuck Parham
Great job guys! Can't wait to see it all in print on the 11th!

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