The Monster Show

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Oliver and The Elder present:
The Monster Show
Opening Saturday, June 28, 7pm
at Eyedrum

THE MONSTER SHOW Opening Event will feature multi-media art works by 17 young Atlanta artists exploring ideas of monstrosity. There will also be sasquatch-sized fun and theatrics with music by: ***The Attractive Eighties Women ***Balthrop, Alabama ***The Killer and the Martyr, in addition to more performances, affordable art, and beverages.
(And it's free!!!)
The artists featured in the show Ashlee Oliver, Heather Elder, Alex App, Jay Fox, Samantha Cobb, Sergio Garzon, Goni Montes, Jennifer Montes, Pepe, Lucha, Autumn Luhrman, Chad Noellert, Josh Durham, Sara Beth Noggle, Peter Ferrari, Jacosa Kato, and Pinky Nguyen.
for more info go to:

Show will be up through August 9th.



1 comment:

Jay said...

I TRULY wish I could have been there. I'm sure it was Monster to pull off. Congrats to all who participated.