Daniel Adel visit, Monday Nov. 3rd!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

One of the premier editorial illustrators in the world will be here at SCAD-Atlanta on the 3rd of November. But Dan Adel is much more than an editorial illustrator; he's a portrait artist of the highest caliber, an amazing watercolorist, a fine art oil painter with a robust gallery career, and he's even an accomplished photographer. But my favorite aspect of Daniel Adel is his wry sense of humor; read his caption for this hilarious piece as it appeared in the Society of Illustrators Annual a couple of years ago...
"A disrespectful homage to perhaps my all-time favorite Velasquez: Los Borrachos. We rented a villa in Tuscany with a Roman-era pool and invited some friends over for the photo shoot to prepare for this job. Okay, I guess I wouldn't consider Newt a "friend" per se ... Hat tip to Paulina Poriskova for posing as the nymph in the foreground. To everyone's surprise, she and Rush totally hit it off playing beer pong."

Don't miss this chance to meet and learn from one of the greats of both worlds of art and illustration as he presents his work AND does a demonstration of his gorgeous painting technique.

Monday, November 3rd
6pm, Event Space 4C

Dan's lecture and demo were awesome, as expected. He showed his Illustration work as well as his spectacular oil paintings of drapery, crumpled paper and water, and his beautiful watercolors of his village of Lacoste in Provence, France.

He was as witty and dry as I was led to believe, and he is as warm as he is talented.

He was joined by his lovely wife Veronique (middle) who embarrassed him with a candle and a big kiss at the podium in celebration of his birthday.

The subject of his portrait demo was our own Rich Gere, chair of the Printmaking Department. He accomplished a great deal in the hour or so he had to actually paint. And the likeness is spot-on as usual, except Dan was a tad generous with the hair.

Thanks, Dan! We'll be sure to stop by your place next time we're in Lacoste!

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Jay said...

Truly inspiring presentation and demo. Thanks for setting this up Rick.