Student Spotlight: Kat Cimino

Monday, October 13, 2008

We are very proud to present this month's Student Spotlight recipient, senior Kat Cimino. Kat has been doing remarkable work and the faculty wanted to show her off a bit by displaying her talents to the SCAD community and the world at large.
Kat portrait by Alan Hawley


1. Where are you from? I am from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.


2. Where have you been to school (and if grad student what kind of degree did you receive)?
I attended Atlanta College of Art as a Drawing/Painting major for two years before the merger.


3. What attracted you to Illustration?
I felt lost as a Drawing/Painting major. At the time I knew very little about myself as an artist- and otherwise. I remember being very impressed when I took Illustration I with Rick Lovell at ACA because I felt like I was finally getting a little more direction. So, when I came to SCAD I changed my major to Illustration. It felt like a chance to start over.


4. Who are your biggest influences?
My teachers and my classmates. I am so inspired by them! Their feedback on my work is important to me too.


5. If you weren’t studying illustration at SCAD, what would you likely be doing?
I can’t say I would have found Illustration the same way, but I know I would be still be making art. A couple other art schools had accepted me, so I would be at one of those, I suppose.


6. What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m not really sure when spare time is. Outside of school I spend a lot of time reading, doing homework, going to the gym, cuddling my dog, taking pictures, going to farmer’s markets, and dreaming about future paintings. I really love cooking too.


7. What is something that most people don’t know about you?
I’m vegan, so I make art that is too; I try to only use materials that are animal-free!


8. What would your dream job/client be and why?
Someone who wants me to paint pretty things, because that’s what makes me happy.


9. What’s your typical process for creating your artwork (technique, media, etc)?
I have not settled on a particular process or medium. I usually pick up whatever medium we last employed in class, not only because of it’s availability but because I will still have a feel for it. I took a watercolor class last quarter so that is what I have been using lately, which is ironic because I remember telling everyone how much I hated the medium. I rarely use computers. Really, the only constants are that I always work from photographs, and I always make a really big mess.


10. Sum up your personal philosophy in 25 words or less.
I didn’t really get into my work unless I accidentally ate paint or trekked it all over the house.



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Your check's in the mail;)
Nice work, btw.

Lauren Keel said...

Awesome Kat! Congrats on being an over-acheiver!-)

Jay said...

Great job Kat! You are on the right path don't stop! This versatility of techniques and styles will be your one of your best strengths as an illustrator.

Shawn Crystal said...

Great interview, solid work. Go Kat!

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i want a check in the mail.