Generate '08

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This year's 24-Hour Art Marathon was called Generate, a very fitting name because of all the amazing stuff being generated in one very long but exciting day. The Official Generate Blog has posts from the two Illustration Challenges as well as every challenge category, and it's definitely worth checking them all out. There were lots of freebies to be had, but the early birds got the bulk of the goods; everything on the free tables was gone in about 30 seconds once the starting bell was rung. Word to the wise; be here before 10am next year. sponsor_logos.jpg
We can't thank our sponsors enough for their generous support this year. The prizes were awesome; Strathmore donated tons of sketchbooks, wet and dry media pads, Bristol pads and the best illustration board in the business, bar none.
Adobe went over-the-top by donating 6 copies of the yet-to-be-released, super fantastic Creative Suite 4, better known as Adobe CS4. Two of our Illustration challengers got a copy... more about that on the Generate Blog. And Wacom came through in a huge way as well; they donated two specialty styluses, the 6D Art Pen and the Airbrush Pen. These went to our 12-hour winner. They also kicked in a 6X8 Intuos3 tablet which went to the Sequential Challenge winner. But the mac-daddy prize went to the Illustration Grand Prize Winner; a Cintiq 12WX!!! Sweet, indeed.

Check out the Generate Blog to see the winners, and to see all of the Illustration Challenge entries, click here.

See you next year!

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