Jay's Student work from Summer

Friday, September 12, 2008

Some really great work came out of the students that took Summer classes. Check out a flash gallery of my students work here.

One of the best and cheapest ways for an illustrator to promote themselves, as we all know, is there very own custom website built and maintained by the illustrator.

In my Self Promotion class Seniors did just that. Check them out and send them an email using their new domain name email from their contact page.

Krystel Sanchez - www.krystelsanchez.com
Briana Westmoreland - www.artosaurusrex.com
Jhon Restrepo - www.jarillustrations.com
Fiona Handschin - www.fionaillustration.com
Ryan Stover - www.stoverillustration.com

Also from
Professional Practices ILLU 774
MFA Grad - Goñi Montes - www.goniart.com

Of course, a website does no good if no one knows about it. People often ask me how I get up so high in the search engines. There is no true formula, but one thing certainly helps. Having as many links as you can from other sites to your site. To get started, check out some links here where you can advertise or post a link and/or profile for free or very little money. I'm on all of these and more.


I have over 300 links here most of which are related to illustration in some way. I'm adding more all the time.

Happy surfing!

If you have any other directory or illustrator links and would like to share make a comment or post them here.


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