Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thirteen students from the Illustration, painting, photography and sculpture departments at SCAD are showing their work in "SCAD@Large," an exhibition featuring work too large to be exhibited on the SCAD-Atlanta campus. The exhibition will be on display Sept. 19 - Oct.5 at the Factory, a 6,000-square-foot space with 25-foot ceilings (300 MLK Dr. SE). Students and faculty have worked together to develop site-specific work for the space. Morgan Alexander, Yana Dimitrova, Harrison Fraley, Suzy Maier, Macy Moore, Charles Parham, Seana Reilly, Richard Robbins, Brandon Sadler, Whitney Stansell, Cynthia Taylor, Yukari Umekawa and Whitney Wood are participating in the show.
Suzy was showing her personal and very provocative short animated novel "The Sunlit Blanket". It will also be one of the five films screened at her show at Mason Murer which opens next week . Suzy will also be showing several of her drawings and paintings in the show. Let's all come out and support Suzy as she hits the Big Time in her debut at Mason Murer.

Chuck Parham showed his very large and very powerful painting on canvas. The theme is one of hope, and is a vibrant, textural exploration of color and rhythm that invites you to get up close and personal as it draws you in and fills you up.

Brandon Sadler brought the work that was originally exhibited at the Red Gallery in Savannah this Summer. It's an installation that depicts the life of the downtrodden, the everyday folks who survive in the third world spaces that exist in our first-world city. The paintings are on larger-than-life cutouts and are derived from sketches made during days and weeks riding the Marta trains and buses, tapping into the psyche of the people who are doing their best to get by.

It was a great night with a large and enthusiastic crowd on hand. If you're in the area, swing by and take a look. And if anyone ever says to you that illustrators aren't artists, just show them this. Case closed.

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