Laura Coyle's CD Release Debut

Saturday, September 20, 2008

One of SCAD's good friends, Laura Coyle, is a world-class illustrator and surface designer. Some of you have visited her home studio on field trips with Rick's or Jay's classes. Her client list is awe inspiring, and her work is both very retro and very current... I'm in a weird time-warp just thinking about it. She has visited our classes to discuss her experiences with the SURTEX show in New York, and has spoken with exit-level classes about best practices regarding self-promotion and office management (she's so organized a CPA would have issues with self-doubt looking at her files).
But her talents go WAY beyond the domain of illustration. No, she has to go and make us all look like little one-dimensional mortals compared to her multi-dimensional, super-human wonderwoman self. Turns out that this chick can sing, and I mean SING!!!
She just released her first CD entitled "Laura Coyle" ( pretty tricky, I know).
After the SCAD@Large show last night, I swung by Churchill Grounds, a very cool little spot right next door to the Fox (above), to catch her CD Release party gig. I can't think of the last time I spent three more enjoyable hours. What a gift she gives. Even when she's just listening to her fabulous band, she's in heaven, beaming with joy and appreciation. You can see that music is in her soul, every bit as much as art is.
Her love for the Jazz classics is clear as crystal; Ella Fitzgerald and Wes Montgomery bubble to the top, and Miles, Coltraine and the rest are hangin' out in the wings, tapping their feet and nodding, knowingly. What a pleasure to hear her clear voice, in perfect pitch and in time with some tricky jazz beats that lost me a time or two, but Laura and her awesome band were always right on, always ready for the next nuance, the next improvised magic touch.
Some jazz newbies might not "get it" right away. That's ok. It takes time to dig this deep. It takes time to "dig it". Illustration. Art. Music. It's all the same. It all comes from the same place. It's what makes us whole. It's what makes us human.
Thanks, Laura. What a wonderful night.

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Jay said...

I so wish I was there to feel that vibe! I have the CD and it's a shear delight and listen to it often. You can get yours here. Spread the love!

Here is her music website.