Welcome Mike Lowery!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

SCAD-Atlanta's Illustration Department is VERY proud to announce the addition of Mike Lowery to our faculty, making us even MORE amazing than we already were, wait... is that even possible?

Anyway, Mike comes to us from the Art Institute in D.C., and he adds a whole new vibe to the department... a wry sense of humor that bubbles up in his art and in his conversation. He, his wife and their 16 month old daughter have pitched their tent here in the ATL, and we're very excited to have them here.

Check out Mike's blog and his website. Yeah, it's very different from what we've been about before, and we think it's a breath of fresh air. So if you haven't met Mike yet, introduce yourself and let him know that, even though we were pretty darn good before, we're even awesomer now!
Welcome aboard, Mike!

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